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NCDC Say I get Coro, But I No See My Result, I Go Still Like See Am- Dokpesi JNR.

Photo Credit: Osun State Broadcasting Corporstion

The Chairman of DAAR Communications PLC, Raymond Dokpesi JNR, don talk say the Nigerian Center for Disease Control NCDC no give am test result or any form of document to prove say him get Coro.

Dokpesi Jnr and him papa been recieve news say them get Coro, and after some time for inside isolation center, them recieve news say them don test negative again.

Them no see any documents to show for am, Dokpesi jnr come say them need to see their results.

Him say, body don dey alright pass before o, but him need to see the results of when NCDC say him dey positive and then Negative.


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