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Match Break Make Coro Fight Finish Before Passing Any Law on Infectious Disease – NCDC yan Reps

Dr Chikwe Ihekweazu - Oga DG for NCDC

As di new law wey House of Reps wan pass on top di control if infectious diseases still dey cause katakata, di Oga for NCDC Dr Chikwe Ihekweazu don beg dem say make dem match break first. He say e go beta make di fight against Coro finish before dem go make di law so dat kontri people and experts for bodimata go fit contribute inside di law.

Oga Ihekweazu say e no go good to change rule for war in di middle of di war as e fit cause confusion and katakata. He give tuale give National Assembly people for di support wey dem dey give NCDC especially as dem take pass di NCDC Bill 2018 into law before Presido give carry go. Na inside different talk wey im talk with tori people inside last weekend he talk all diz ones o.

Plenty kontri people dey vex say di new law give too much power to govt people kom komot di rights wey 1999 Constitution give Naija people.


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