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#Covid_19: Gbege Dey for Town o! No More Night Work for Naija Doctors from Today, See Why!


Another challenge o! Another challenge o!! Another challenge o!!! Double double challenge o!!!!

Kontri people, Koro mata just dey scatter things dey go everywhere for Naija. The latest tori for for town na say Naija doctors go dey close work by 4 o’clock everyday. Maka Why? Dem say harassment of doctors by police, army and other security people don tire them. According by di notice wey Oga Presido of join-bodi of Naija doctors (Nigeria Medical Association -NMA), Dr. Francis Faduyile give to all dem members, he talk say security people don cause plenty “pain and anguish” on many doctors especially those wey dey go or return from work inside night and early momo.

Dr Faduyile – Naija Doctors dey vex

He say from today today, all medical doctors and teeth doctors inside Naija go dey work only from 8 o’clock in the morning reach 4 0’clock for evening. This na because security people bin arrest some doctors yesterday. Some of dem bin dey go work and some dey return from work and dem no gree release dem.

This one mean say doctors no go dey hospital from evening 4 o’clock reach morning 8 o’clock. Na serious gbege be dis one o. How people wey get medical emergency go do?



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