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As E Dey Hot: Zamfara Emir Don Kpai for Inside Coro Isolation Center

Photo Credit: The Nigerian Voice

The Emir of Kaura-Namoda for inside Zamfara state, Alhaji Mohammed Asha don kpai.

E never too sure wetin kpai am, but them believe say na Coro (Covid19) complications naim kill am. Him die for the early hours of Sunday for inside isolation for Gusau for Zamfara state.

The commisiioner of Health for Zamfara state, Yahaya Kanoma naim confirm this news, him say the Emir been dey feel one-kind-two-kind on Friday, them come admit am for specialist hospital for Gusau.

Them come collect him blood sample and that of him wife after them start to dey notice symptoms of Coro for their body, but him kpai on Sunday morning as them dey wait for result now.

Them never really dey sure wetin kpai am, but them don quarantine The Emir family and close associates of the the emir, and them don bury the Emir according to the Nigerian Center for Disease Control NCDC, protocols.


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