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Who Naija People Go Fear Pass? Government agents don Kill More people Pass Coronavirus!


This Year 2020 start in a way wey Naija people and in fact world people no fit forget. As everybody dey try doj Coro make e no kpafuka dem life, e come be like say na government people wey dey enforce law Naija people go dey fear pass as dem don kill pass Coro according by report wey dey our domot. From the update wey NCDC komot yesterday, Covid-19 don kpai 11 people for we kontri. But according by the message wey di Naija Human Rights Commission (NHRC) komot same yesterday, law enforcement people don send 18 Naija people to dem early grave. Naija Prison Officials kpai 8 people, Police kill 7, Army kpai 2 while Ebonyi State Task Force kpafuka the life of 1 pesin.

According by the commission, dem receive 105 complain from kontri people on violation of dem human right in 24 states. Na Lagos carry 1st , Abuja 2nd and Enugu carry 3rd for number of complaints. Plenty people talk say security people torture dem well well, some say dem detain dem while others say dem collect dem money by force.

See di message wey di human rights commission komot for here.


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