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When Coro Vaccines go show? When Lock-down go end? See di Answer by National Coordinator for Covid-19 Control!


The National Coordinator of the Oga Presido Task Force on top Coro Control, Dr Sani Aliyu bin talk about plenty things about the work of im committee on a TV show dis night. He also answered 2 of the questions wey plenty Naija people still dey ask.

When vaccines wey go prevent Coro fit ready? Dr. Aliyu say e fit reach one year before any vaccine go fit dey for the prevention of Covid-19.

When lockdown for Abuja, Lagos and Ogun wey oga presido declare go end? Dr Aliyu say na only Oga Presido Buhari go fit talk am based on di advice wey im committee don give am already.

Oga Aliyu give tuale to all Naija people wey dey obey the advise of the government on staying for home, regular wash of hands with soap and water, use of sanitisers and other prevention methods for Coro. He talk say number of testing labs don increase for we country and NCDC don test pass 3000 pesin. He also talk say Naija no get enough trained people to manage high number of Coro cases if e happen; e come beg kontri people say prevention better pass cure.


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