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Una Too Much! Naija Doctors Hail Nurses & Midwives on #WorldHealthDay!

Dr. Francis Faduyile - Presido of Naija Doctors

E be like say the fight between doctors and nurses/midwives for obodo Naija don end o. For the first time in many years, the join-bodi of medical doctors for obodo Naija (Nigeria Medical Association) komot official statement to hail dem work mates – nurses and midwives. According by the statement by the Presido Dr Francis Adedayo Faduyile, doctors recognise di plenty better work wey Naija nurses and midwives dey do to make bodi-mata dey gidigba for we country.

NMA squeeze face on top the situation wey nurses and midwives no get correct work environment, as some of dem dey get too much stress while e dey put dem at risk of dying while dem dey hustle to save others. Dem yan people in authority make dem make put good work environment for inside hospitals make nurses, midwives and other bodi-mata workers fit do dem job well.

7th April every year na Woprld Health Day and di topic for dis year na “Support Nurses and Midwives”. See the ‘love letter’ wey Naija doctors write to the nurses below.


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