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Torchlightment of Vaccines Wey Fit Prevent Coro Dey Go On – WHO

Photo Credit: who.int

Join-bodi of bodi-mata for obodo world – World Health Organization (WHO) don announce say over 50 trials for Covid-19 vaccine dey go on, and soon we fit get tori wey go sweet our belle, make us jolly without fear of the virus.

Them say Coro(Covid-19) don catch over 828,000 people for the world, among these people, 40,700 people don kpai and 174,000 people don dey alright. Them come say most of these 174,000 people wey well sev, na people wey get strong immune system.

Them dey work with countries too, wey they do their own research, very soon better go commot.


  1. […] The Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) don yan say vaccines never dey for the prevent of Coro. Dem talk am for message wey dem share on dem social media pages like twitwi and facebook. However, dem talk say torchlightment dey go on to find vaccines wey go work against Coro. World Health Organisation bin don talk same thing and we bin report the tori here. […]


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