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How Naija Go Pursue Coro (#Covid_19): See 8 things Wey Before-Before Bodi-mata Minister, Prof. Chukwu Talk


The before before Minister of Bodi-mata, Prof. Onyebuchi Chukwu don talk different things wey go help Naija pursue Coro. The before minister wey bin lead fight wey pursue Ebola Virus komot for obodo Naija in 2014 talk say Naija suppose use the lessons wey we learn from Ebola response fight Coro. Na for Covid-19 Watch for AIT he talk di talk this morning.

See the things wey him talk:

  1. Quarantine and lock-down of cities na good decision, e dey happen for controlling of outbreaks.
  2. Govt fit suspend some individual rights for the betterment of everybody, Naija people suppose reason with govt.
  3. Every state suppose get isolation centres but e no pure as some still never establish them.
  4. Ogbonge govt no continue with mobile labs wey im start when he be Oga Minister of bodi-mata but e never too late to bring am back and test plenty more people for Coro.
  5. Training dey importamkpa, every state should train people wey go dey standby in case Coro show face for their side. .
  6. Virus no dey understand politics. Obodo world no respond well enough when Coro begin for China that na why Coro go round the whole world.
  7. Ogbonge govt should involve local producers like those wey dey do masks for Aba in their economic committees as their native intelligence go help we country.
  8. Make all Naija people cooperate with government make the fight against Coro succeed.


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