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#Covid_19: Use any of our 435 Hospitals to fight Coro if You Need Am – Catholic Bishops to Ogbonge Govt

Archbishop Ignatius Kaigama - Catholic Bishop for Abuja
Boss Mustapha – Chairmoo for Presidential Task Force on Coro & Seke to Ogbonge Govt

The Oga of the Presidential Taskforce on Covid-19 and Seke of Ogbonge Government, Mr. Boss Mustapha don put two fingers in the air for Catholic Church in Naija. He talk dis afternoon say the Conference of Catholic Bishops for Obodo Naija don give carry go say any of the 435 hospitals di church get for Naija ready to follow treat Coro patients if e reach that level. Dem say the catholic experts for public health dey standby top support anytime government need dem.

Oga Mustapha also thank everybody wey don dey support the efforts of government to pursue Coro komot for we country.


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