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#Covid_19: Tuale, Una Jinja Dey Give Us Hope! – NCDC Oga to Bodi-mata Workers

begs Governors to allow bodi-mata experts give Coro updates to pass correct informate

Dr Chikwe Ihekweazu - Oga DG for NCDC

The Oga patapata for the Naija Centre for Disease Control (NCDC), Dr. Chikwe Ihekweazu dey hail all bodi-mata workers wey follow dey fight Coro for we country say dem too much, say their jinja dey give am hope say we go pursue Coro komot for we country. He talk dis one when the Oga Presido Tak Force for Coro follow tori people talk today. He talk say im dey use di spirit of World Health Day 2020 to hail specially all nurses and midwives wey follow dey treat Coro patients. He also carry tuale give all medical lab scientists, doctors and every bodi-mata worker for inside NCDC and those wey dey support their work because dem no gree tire even as di workload dey increase day by day. He also thank dem families and beg dem to continue to support the heros of Coro fight.

As he dey answer one question, Dr. Ihekweazu also beg governors make dem allow experts wey sabi public health mata to dey give updates on Coro situation for dem state to make sure dem pass correct informate to the people. E be like say na the mata of Cross River’s Governor Ben Ayade wey talk say “mask wearing alone dey prevent Coro” he carry for mind o.


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