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#Covid_19 Lockdown: How Delta NMA bin Save Me from Police Hot Pepper – Dr. Ajanwenyi


No be sweet tori for Dr. Joseph Ajanwenyi yesterday for inside Asaba, Delta State when some women and men of the Naija Police show am pepper. He na doctor wey dey train to become specialist (resident doctor) for Federal Medical Centre (FMC) Asaba. When he follow our tori pesin talk, he talk say the Police stop am when he dey go work on the morning of Friday 10th April 2020. He show dem im identity card but they say dem wan collect am look well well but im refuse. He say he refuse bcos he no know whether Coronavirus dey di hand of Police people and he no wan catch am.

Dr. Ajanwenyi talk say im complain to the Presido of the Association of Resident Doctors (ARD) for FMC Asaba who kom tell the Chairmoo of Naija Medical Association (NMA) for Delta State and dem come show for the place. After some talk between the woman inspector wey hold am and the NMA Ogas, she kom allow am to go to the hospital. But three policement go block am begin beat am, spoil im phone and spray tear gas for all the doctors there.

As dis tori enter the ear of other doctors for FMC say Police spray their member and ogas tear gas, dem declare say dem no work again. But the matter come reach the Commissioner for Health, Commissioner of Police and the Governor. As dem put mouth for the matter, the Commissioner of Police order make dem detain the inspector and her men for orderly room trial. They come beg the doctors say make dem no too vex, but forgive the badment of the police people wey do wetin dem no send dem to do.

Dr Ajanwenyi talk say their oga CMD for FMC don promise to help am replace im phone. He thank ARD, NMA and everybody wey join hand to save am from the hot pepper of the police yesterday. We hear say doctors don call off the strike as dem happy the way Police dey handle di matter.

See as NMA Delta State bin take narrate the tori below;


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