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#Covid_19: Help Naija People komot Hunger during Lockdown – Dr. Laz Eze yans Govt.

Dr Laz Eze - sabinus on top bodi-mata

Ogbonge bodi mata pesin wey sabi public health well well, Dr. Laz Ude Eze don advice government for Naija make dem manage di “lockdown” for di control of Coro as e go fit obodo Naija and make sure say food dey for kontri people. He talk dis one for interview on AIT Kakaaki yesterday. He say hunger follow dey determine state of health of people and fit expose kontri people to other sicknesses. He squeeze face say food and help never reach millions of kontri people wey need am to survive di lockdown.

Dr. Eze say advice Naija not to do copy and paste lockdown but manage am in a way wey go fit our local realities. He gave tuale to NCDC on dem jinja. He also talk say anything wey no di happen well dis period na bcos we govt don neglect health for plenty years. You fit watch part of the interview for here.


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