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#Covid_19: Do More Coro Testing, Make Health Sector Kajadly Chim Chim – Dr. Laz Eze to Govt.


Sabi pesin on top public bodi-mata, Dr. Laz Ude Eze don yan ogbonge government, state government, politicians and better people wey dey donate things/money for the fighting Coro inside obodo Naija say make dem put testing and providing of protection equipment for bodi-mata workers for front. He talk am yesterday for Kakaaki show of the African Independent Television (AIT).

Dr. Eze also talk with squeezing of face say no State for Naija dey fully ready to control Coro Covid-19 because the health system dey weak due to plenty years of neglect. He kom tell other States to emulate Ebonyi State wey build Virology Centre 3 years ago and NCDC dey upgrade am to do Coro testing. He come beg government make dem implement National Action Plan for Health Security and make we health sector kakaraka.

He begged Naija people to encourage bodi-mata workers wey dey jinja to pursue Coro because dem dey risk dem life to protect kontri people. He also wan make everybody join mouth dey demand make government make health sector make e dey gidigbally chim chim!


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