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#Covid_19: Sidon4House Continua For Anoda 2 Weeks – Prezido Buhari


Naija Prezido, Mohammadu Buhari don announce extra 2 weeks total lockdown for FCT, Lagos and Ogun, wey go start 11:59pm on Monday 13th April 2020.

Him announce am when him talk to Naija people on wetin dey sup, on the same day, say water never pass garri, but them dey ginger to make sure say we win the fight against Coro, and our bodi-mata experts don advise say make everybody neva begin waka about.

Oga Presido thank all di popular people (celebrities), tori houses, and everybody wey dey try make everybody know wetin dey occur for we world right now, him thank our bodi-mata workers for their good work and jinja.

Him come advice security people to double up because of news of wahala, wey dey happen for different parts of obodo-Naija especially Lagos state.


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