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As E Dey Hot: We No Go Accept 25% Deduction From Body-mata Workers Salary-NMA.


The Nigeria Medical Association NMA, Kaduna state Chapter don drop press release to address the mata of salaries, because as alert enter for the month of April, them notice say the state government commot 25% of the money.

For the statement wey, the NMA state chairman, Dr. Kache Stephen Akau and NMA state Secretary, Dr. Ifeanyi Aghadi Kene sign, them yan as e pain them reach and them demand say make the state government drop their remaining bar inside their bank accounts, before them take actions wey go affect the state as e dey hot.

Amongst the things NMA yan be say, the world dey face Coro pandemic, and na body-mata workers be the army for this fight, even during lockdown body-mata workers gats dey go work everyday because of Coro patients and people wet get other diseases, not to talk of money for transport, everything sev don add money.

The association don record like 40 cases of body-mata workers wey don catch Coro as them dey attend to patients, them never talk how them wan increase hazard allawee finish, them con dey cut salaries, them advise the state government to do normal-normal make everything fit plum.

Them make some other demands too, check the press release for down here to know more.


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