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Rain Dey Come, Hope Say The Drainage For Your Area Dey Ready.

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We dey hear climate change, some people never still sabi wetin dey sup for our environment, because, when weather look like say e favour them, nobody go complain, but when e no favour them complain go full everywhere.
No be lie say wetin affect the climate na things wey human beings dey do, or use naim cause this kata-kata. Guyman no go fit trek from Abuja to Gombe inside one day, na why them make cars, these cars together with other machines wey man make come dey remove smoke wey dey destroy ozone layer and cause heat and so many diseases.

Small research wey Talkhealth9ja do for Garki, Abuja, show say as roads dey cleans, na the drainages all the dirty dey end up. Last year, Naija record floods for plenty places inside plenty states, most of the places, construction of houses no dey planned, places wey eerosion don show them pepper and government never do something about am and places wey no get better drainage system. But some places like Garki wey get drainage system wey dirty full inside nko?.

Dirty drainage wey water never enter.

Dirty drainages plenty inside Abuja, although last year, Abuja follow share for all the flood palava, this year make e no go worst. If drainage dey very dirty, e no dey allow water flow wella, e fit even block the drainage and allow water overflow into surrounding environment.

Even if flood nor happen for una side, dirty drainage wey water dey inside dey breed mosquitoes and bacteria wey fit cause Yama-yama diseases.

Drainage wey get stagnant water.

If you dey follow us for twitter @talkhealth9ja you suppose remember when we been ask say na people duty or government duty to dey clean our drainages?’

If you pass the express wey lead to Apo roundabout, you go think say drainage no dey the road, meanwhile drainage dey, but sand and stones don cover am. If you come drive pass there when rain dey fall, you go see as water dey overflow enter raod, even hours after the rain stop. And this thing dey cause go-slow because people no go wan drive fast make them no go splash water for another person body.

Drainage Wey Sand And Dirty Dey Inside

Make the relevant authorities do something afbout this matter because, if this dirty drainage tori no change, water fit pass garri.

See more dirty drainage wey we see. Na just part of the whole thing dey our pictures.


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