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People Dey Die From Diseases Wey No suppose Kill Them Because, Them No Get Health Insurance.

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The reason why countries dey start health insurance scheme for anywhere for this world na to improve the body matta of their citizens, make them for fit get access to treatment at affordable cost.

Shey no be why our former prezido, Olusegun Obasanjo been start National Health Insurance Scheme, NHIS for 2005so that Naija go fit follow gumbody with other countries to reach Universal Health Coverage, UCH. After 15 years, as Naija get over 200 million population so, na less than 5% of the people naim NHIS cover, and most of them na Federal Civil Servants.

Every year, people dey die of Cancer, Kidney related diseases, heart related diseases and so on, meanwhile, if detected early and managed properly, nobody suppose die from these diseases, because them no get money for treatment. Na why government need to make Health Insurance compulsory for every Nigerian, so that treatment go fit dey affordable and people no go dey die anyhow.


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