Home As e de hot Mama Wey Get Coro (Covid-19) Fit Breastfeed Her Pikin-WHO.

Mama Wey Get Coro (Covid-19) Fit Breastfeed Her Pikin-WHO.

Photo Credit: https://blackvoicenews.com

World Health Organization WHO don say, mama wey get Covid-19 fit breastfeed her pikin, without any risk of say the pikin catch the virus, as long as say she dey clean and her environment clean.

Them say the research wey them carryout show say, the virus no dey present for inside breast milk. This one come up because of fear say pikin fit get coro(Covid-19) from him mama through breastfeeding.

WHO advice mamas them wey get coro(Covid-19) say make them no fear,make them breastfeed their pikin, make them just make sure say them practice good hygiene, make them clean their house with disinfectants, make them wash their hands before and after they touch their baby.


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