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International Women’s Day: Purple Ball 2020.


Today, Sunday 8th of March 2020, na International Women’s Day, a day wey them dey set aside to do tuale for women. Every year different organizations dey do events to celebrate this day, this year Strong Enough Girls Initiative, Stand With A Girl initiative, collabo with partners, including TalkHealth9ja to do Purple Ball 2020.

Purple Ball na event wey them dey do every year on International Women’s Day, to advocate for women and educate them. The theme every year dey follow the world theme for International Women’s Day and this year own na; “I am Generation Equality: Realizing Women’s RIghts”.

The keynote speaker for the event, Mrs. Abiodun Esseit, wey be special advicer to honourable chairman of AMAC, Abuja, talk say; Human right no be the same thing as woman right because human right favour men pass women for every society. And equal right no dey for men and women in any country, she come say e go reach like 100 years from now before man and woman go fit get equal right.

Mrs. Abiodun Esseit

Abiodun talk about challenges of women for society, say them still dey do child marriage for so many places, so people sev no count girl as pikin for their family, violence against women, even for politics. She come advice parents say girl sev na pikin, make them train their girls well, build their moral wella, make them fit contribute better thing to we society.

Another person wey yarn for there na Aisha Abdullahi Buba, wey be Psychologist, been talk about mental health, she tuale for Naija government say them don dey reason mental health wella, them know say e important, say na mental health of people dey determine how society go be.

Aisha Abdullahi Buba

Plenty people from different part of obodo Naija show for this event inside Abuja, including representatives of different organizations.


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