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“Hunger fit Kill pass Coro (#Covid_19), Provide Food and Free Healthcare for Naija People” – Dr. Laz Eze yans Govt

Dr. Laz Ude Eze

Ogbonge doctor wey sabi public health well well, Dr. Laz Ude Eze don yan ogbonge government, state government and local government make dem make sure say hunger no kill kontri pipo this period of Coro curfew. He also tell them to provide free for other diseases or make dem komot money for the treatment inside government hospitals. He talk this one during an interview for TVC News yesterday.

Dr. Eze wey be the Coordinator of the West African Network for Emerging Leaders in Health Policy and Systems (WANEL) for Naija, talk say plenty other diseases like malaria, cancer, diabetes mellitus, hypertension, heart disease, appendicitis, etc still dey worry kontri people. And because of the stopping of travel and closure of work and business, dem no go fit get enough money to treat themselves. He come beg government, companies, philanthropists, churches and mosques make them look the side of many poor people inside Naija and support them make hunger and other diseases no kill them this period. He talk say a combination hunger and other diseases go kill pipo (especially small pikins and old people) pass Coro if no form of help or palliation come their way.


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