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Dr. Laz Eze to Governors: “Wake Up! Make Health Sector Strong to fight Lassa Fever and Coronavirus”

Say Business People suppose dey donate plenty money for health security matter.

Dr Laz Ude Eze

Ogbonge pesin wey sabi public health very well, Dr. Laz Ude Eze don yan government, especially Governors and Local Government Chairmen make dem show more seriousness on top health matter. Na inside Kakaaki show for inside African Independent Television (AIT) he yan ythat one this morning o. He wan make dem put better money for budget to help hire more health workers, train them very well, build or upgrade laboratories for better torchlightment of diseases and appoint people wey sabi health well well to coordinate things.

Also, Dr. Eze give tuale to NCDC and ogbonge government for the work dem dey do to control Coronavirus Covid-19 and Lassa Fever but he talk say e no dey enough. He say e dey pepper am as Lassa Fever dey kill people anyhow for different states but politicians dey focus more on Coronavirus. According to tori wey NCDC komot, Lassa Fever don kill 161 Naija people inside 2020 alone. Dr Laz feel say if government komot N134 billion to implement the National Action Plan for Health Security (2018-2022), e go increase our level on top the control of epidemics like Coronavirus, Lassa Fever, Yellow Fever, Meningitis, Cholera, Monkey Pox and plenty others.

Dr. Eze on AIT Kakaaki, 18th March 2020


  1. I really agree with wetin Oga Laz talk. Because, tru tru, Lassa don kill many people pass covid-19. Infact, lassa don de for Naija tey tey. So abeg, make them help us address the Lassa mata as them dey do the Covid-19 own. Make we too de follow the advice wey NCDC and talk health Naija de give us about all the health tori.


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