Home As e de hot #AsEdeyHot: Coro (Covid-19) don Frog-jump to 81 Cases – NCDC

#AsEdeyHot: Coro (Covid-19) don Frog-jump to 81 Cases – NCDC


The Nigeria Centre for Disease Control NCDC, don confirm 11 new cases of Covid-19 inside Naija. Now the total number of cases don reach 81, them don discharge 3 and 1 don kpai.

The new cases of Covid-19 wey them confirm 8 of them dey Lagos, 2 dey Enugu and 1 dey Edo.

The number of cases according to states na; Lagos- 52, FCT- 14, Ogun- 3, Ekiti- 1, Oyo- 3, Edo- 2, Bauchi- 2, Osun-1, Rivers-1, Enugu- 2.


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