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Bodi-mata Experts organise Night of Tuale for Ogbonge Dr. Ben Anyene


For inside Abuja today, from 6 to 8 O’clock, plenty ogbonge bodi-mata sabinus (health experts) go gather to give tuale, accolades and gbosa, and talk with tears in their eyes how dem go miss Dr. Ben Anyene wey bin join his ancestors on 29th December 2019. Dr. Anyene na one big oga for Naija health sector wey don do too many better better things and everybody dey put two fingers in the air for am.

Na him follow write the law wey dey govern health sector for obodo Naija – National Health Act 2014. He be before before Commissioner for Bodi-mata inside Anambra State and people gree say he do im work very very well. This doctor carry the matter of making health better for Naija like say na im personal problem, and he did many many good things to help ogbonge government increase money for health, immunize all Naija pikin among other things. He no dey look face to talk about how to make Naija stronger through better government investment for health.

Na Health Sector Reform Coalition (HSRC) wey him be Chairman before he die dey organise this night of Tuale. We pray make Baba Godee make him soul rest coolee.

Dr. Ben Anyene (Left) – Ogbonge bodi-mata sabinus wey Naija go miss so much


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