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Fruits Dey Reduce The Risk of Yama-yama Diseases-Expert.

Photo Credit: The Daily Meal

Dr. Harrison Osasogie, wey be doctor for Faith Clinic Benin, Edo state, don say make we dey chop fruits wella, because e dey reduce chronic diseases.

Him advise Naija people say; to dey chop fruits regularly better pass soft drinks because, e dey reduce the risk of cancer, heart diseases; including heart attack and stroke.

Fruits dey make person look younger and e dey make skin shine, e dey also provide nutrients wey body need to dey gidigba. According to Osasogie; most fruits dey get low fat, sodium and their calories no get cholesterol. Him come advise the masses to dey chop fruits, because naim dey give the necessary nutrients wey people no dey too chop


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