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Forget Wetin House of Reps Committee on Health Talk, Radiotherapy Machine Dey South-East-Doctor Austin Agbahiwe.

Photo Credit: innonews.com.ng

Imo state Doctor talk say, South East get radiotherapy machine for treatment of cancer patients. Him talk this thing because the Chairman House of Representatives Committee on Health, Paschal Obi, wey dey represent Ideato South/North, from Imo state, talk say radiotherapy machine no dey anywhere for the whole South-East and South-South.

Doctor Austin Agbahiwe, wey be administrator of Imo International Health System and operator of Ikeduru general Hospital and Cancer Health Hospital. According to Agbahiwe, the lawmaker suppose sabi say radiotherapy machine dey Ikeduru, because naim be the principal secretary to governor Okorocha when them sign Memorandum of understanding MOU with the state. Them been come from United States come start work inside Imo state, and the main thing wey them dey treat na cancer, because the number of people wey need treatment bokku pass hospitals wey get equipments to treat them for inside Naija.

And for cancer, them dey do detoxification and rejuvenation, radiation therapy, chemotherapy, surgery, and palliative care. Na solar and wind power them dey use for the radiation therapy equipment, so e dey work any time any day.


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