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Coronavirus: Pregnant Women Wey Get The Virus Fit Pass Am To Their Pikin Wey Dey Belle.

Photo Credit: glamour.com

Doctors for Wuhan, China don say; pregnant women wey get coronavirus fit pass am to their pikin wey dey belle. Them talk am one when pregnant woman been born pikin, them test the pikin after 30 hours, come later confirm say the pikin get the virus.

The doctors say the pikin dey stable sha, no signs of fever or cough, but the pikin get shortness of breathe. Them do chest x-ray for the pikin, them see say the virus dey him body, and him liver no dey work well. This one naim show say; the virus fit enter pikin wey dey belle, through him mama.

Them talk of another pikin wey dey okay when them born on Jan. 13th, the baby nanny come later get the virus, a few days later the mama sev test positive to the virus, the baby too start to dey show signs of the virus on Jan. 29th. E no sure whether na the mama or the nanny give the baby this virus, but e show say if small baby dey close to person wey get coronavirus, the baby fit get the virus.

TalkHealth9ja dey advise Naija say; as we dey hope and pray make this virus no enter Naija, make we sev dey watch out, dey careful, mama pikin sev, check your body regularly make water no go pass garri.


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