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PART II: Hide-hide Torchlighting Don Show Say Nothing Dey “Right” For Inside “Yaba Left”.

Photo Credit: Premium Times NG

Hope Una don read the first part of this tori.
Just to show say the tori too long, e come in two parts, and this na the second.

Soyombo talk about how the bathroom and toilet for Yaba Lef .take dey bad, and how the hospital management no gree do anything about am, plus them no fit complain to the hospital management sev because, them go assume say na the craze wey dey their body dey talk, sotey anybody wey talk byforce or try to protest, the nurses go put sleeping pills for among the person drugs, person go weak, e no go get ginger or strength to disturb again, e go just dey sleep.

The food bad and management don try to address the issue, them been employ dietitian, but the dietitian quit because of reason wey no dey clear to anybody. E fit be say them dey fund the kitchen well, but some people dey chop the money, because the food no go well at all, and guyman no fit complain because them go think say him dey mad come give am sleeping pills again.

Tori long bikko, This part naim wrap up the 3weeks experience of award winning Journalist Fisayo Soyombo for Yaba Left.

Check out the full tori HERE


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