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Hide-Hide Torchlighting Don Show Say; Nothing Dey “Right” For “Yaba Left”.

Photo Credit: Premium Times NG

Under-G Investigation wey award winning torchlighting (investigative) Journalist, Fisayo Soyombo do for Federal Neuropsychiatric Hospital, Yaba, Lagos, wey people know as “Yaba Left” one of Naija most historic mental rehabilitation centres, show say the hospital facilities don old, shortage critical staff, the workforce sev na ghost workers plenty pass, low quality of service delivery, arbitrary charges ontop patients, because of personal and institutional corruption, and so on.

Soyombo gats practice how to behave like craze person wey craze because of abuse of hard drugs, still practice how to dress like them, come use akanuche to use get way enter the Hospital. During hin stay for the hospital, him see how bribery and corruption dey, sotey guyman need to pay money before him get bedspace for Hospital wey suppose dey manage patients wey get mental problem. That one even small, the kind food wey them dey serve patients sev no follow, the environment no clean at all, rats occupy everywhere even kitchen wey them dey cook food, Shey guyman wey want make them help cure him mental illness, go enter hospital komot with Lassa fever join him current situation?.

Tori too long, country people, him get enough evidence during hin stay to prove all the things wey dey him tori, the Federal Government need to look into this matta and address the issue, come build more rehabilitation centres for we country because na only eight dey the whole Naija, with over 200 million people, and craze people plenty for our midst. Join with the fact say situation of things for Naija no too plum and the way our youths dey high on hard drugs, we go need more rehabilitation centres.

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