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Coronaviruses: Wetin We Need To Know And Wetin Naija Government Dey Do About Am.

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Coronaviruses dey transmitted mostly from animals to people. Some coronaviruses dey transmitted from one person to another, when them get close contact with an infected patient.


Coronaviruses dey cause mild to severe respiratory symptoms like cough and breathing difficulties. From current evidence, people no dey too die from coronavirus, except them get some other yama-yama sickness join am


No known treatment or drugs for coronavirus dey right now, but them fit treat the symptoms one by one. Na why them dey treat coronavirus based on the patient clinical condition, for now.

How Naija Take Respond

The Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) don dey assess risk of importation to Nigeria. NCDC follow gumbody with the World Health Organization (WHO) wey dey monitor the situation globally. WHO dey in direct communication with the Government of China and other affected countries.

The Port Health Services unit of the Federal Ministry of Health for Naija dey alert and them don increase screening measures for the points of entry into our country.

NCDC advise Naija people to remain calm, and travellers wey dey go affected countries, especially Wuhan for China, make them avoid sick people or animals(dead or alive). Travelers wey dey come Naija from affected countries go answer some questions about their travel history, health records and some other things, and people wey travel to the countries wey get cases of this disease, dey advised to report immediately to NCDC if them they feel somehow for their body.

How to protect yourself

To reduce the risk of spread of coronavirus, we dey advise the general public to

• Wash their hands regularly with soap under running water.

• Cover your mouth and nose properly with handkerchief or tissue paper when you wan sneeze and/or cough.

• Avoid close contact with anybody wey dey show symptoms of respiratory illness like coughing and sneezing.

• Avoid self-medication, make you go the nearest body-matta facility when you experience any of the symptoms.

• Healthcare workers sev need to observe standard infection prevention and control measures when them they attend to patients and make them dey take their travel history too.


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