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Too Much of Everything No Good, Even Water Sev.

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Oyibo say “water is life” but too much of everything no good, even water sev. Water dey necessary for the body to function properly but too much water for body dey lead to condition wey oyibo dey call hyponatremia

Hyponatremia na condition of low sodium level for blood caused by overhydration. Overhydration na when water plenty for body pass the level wey body need.
See some effects of too much water consumption for body:

  • E fit lower the sodium level for body, wey fit lead to nausea, vomiting, cramp, and fatigue.
  • E fit cause fatigue and tiredness. Kidneys dey responsible for filtering the water wey we dey drink and making sure the fluid levels for our bloodstream dey balanced. Too much water for body go make kidneys work dey harder, e go create stressful reaction from hormones wey go make body stressed and tired.
  • E fit cause the failure of body to absorb fluid. E fit lead to too much urination; when you drink plenty water at once, you go dey urinate more frequently.
  • Headaches sev na signs of both over-hydration and dehydration.
  • When you drink too much water, the salt concentration for body go reduce e fit cause cells inside organs throughout your body to swell.


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