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Carbohydrate: Naija Own Nutrient.

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Naija people, small survey wey TalkHealth9ja do don show say na Carbohydrate our people chop pass for we country, In fact Carbohydrate constitute at least 70% of the nutritional value of the food wey most Nigerians dey chop daily. This one mean say many Nigerians fit get sickness for body because of excess consumption of Carbohydrate but them never discover yet.

Carbohydrate na energy giving food wey we dey eat to give us energy to run our daily paroz. when we chop starch, e dey digest, come turn to glucose wey dey enter blood stream, as source of energy.
When glucose too much for body, Pancrease dey secret Insulin to lower the level of glucose for blood.
Too much carbohydrate for body sev fit cause wahala for guy-man.

Too much carbohydrate fit cause Obesity and Thickness of blood vessels, wey fit lead to heart related diseases like high BP, etc.
Too much carbohydrate fit cause Type 2 diabetes, this na because when glucose don dey excess for body, stress go plenty for Pancrease, the insulin wey e go dey produce no go do to lower the sugar level, thereby cause diabetes.

For a place like Naija, where guy-man go eat rice in the morning, still eat tuwo before him sleep, most time guy-man go take coke or beer to top the food up.

TalkHealth9ja dey advice Nigerians to reduce starch intake because of the longterm effects of sugar for body, especially refind sugar wey dey quick digest, like beverages, white bread, beer etc, because e better make guy-man use him money flex pass make him carry go treat himself for hospital.


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