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World Diabetes Day.

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Today, Thursday 14th November, 2019 na the World Diabetes Day.
Today na the day wey them set aside to do awareness campaign for the whole world about Diabetes. World Diabetes Day been start for the 1991, but na until 2006 naim United Nations adopt am to as a day wey them dey observe.

The date 14th November na the birthday of Sir Frederick Banting, wey co-discovered insulin along with Charles Best, for the year 1922. World Diabetes Day na the world’s largest diabetes awareness campaign with a global audience of over 1 billion people for more than 160 countries.

Out of the estimated 366 million people wey get diabetes for the whole world, 5 percent of the population na from Nigeria. For the fact say many people get this disease, but them no dey know until e start to dey trouble their body, we advise say make our people dey do regular all round check up.

TalkHealth9ja dey use this opportunity to beg our government, to reduce taxes ontop diabetes drugs and test kits, in fact, make them help to subsidize the price so that everybody go fit afford am without stress. And as for Naija people, regular check up no dey kill, e better make guy-man flex with him money pass make him go spend am ontop sickness for hospital.


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