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Turn Out For Immunization Don Increase, Because Awareness Don Increase Too-Mrs. Bako Ruth.

Photo Credit: https://www.express.co.uk/

The Unit Head/Supervisor of the Immunization section of Nyanya, FCT Abuja, Mrs. Bako Ruth been grant TalkHealth9ja Interview on Thursday 21st November, 2019.

She say the turnout for immunization plenty this year, in fact a day before the interview, them immunize over 190 pinkins. She say Nasarawa state suppose start their own on the 30th of November, so people from Nasarawa wey dey close to Nyanya dey bring their children for the immunization. The awareness dey more now, na why turnout don increase and people don dey remove religious and traditional believes from say make them get immunized or treated.

She advise say make government employ more staffs in order to cover more areas, make them even create more body-matta facilities around because the distance wey some people dey travel to take their pikins for immunization dey much, but if more facilities dey around, everybody go dey go the facility wey dey close to them. She also complain about the welfare of the workers; say the conditions for work no make sense, especially those wey dey go house to house to immunize children, even the stipend wey government dey give no dey encouraging for the kind work wey them dey do. She say she been loose her immediate sister to measles when she dey young, na wetin dey ginger her to do the work sev.

She commend government say them dey make adequate provisions of vaccines, say the vaccines dey bokku sote e dey remain after the immunization process, them dey give the rest to body-matta facilities, in case anybody miss the immunization when them dey do am, them fit go any body-ma facility near them for the immunization, and na free anytime, anyday, you no go even pay for the card.


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