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Naija How Una Dey? How Electricity And Body-matta For Una Area?.

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How una dey country people?, how electricity for una area? how body-matta for una area? the collabo between electricity and body-matta sev nko?. One of our tori person for TalkHealth9ja Media don complain say light no dey regular at all for where him dey live, for Karu inside FCT, Abuja.

No be lie say electricity no regular for most places for we country, the few places wey light regular sev, if guy-man never chop belle full, e no go fit afford to live for those places. The question be say how the hospitals and body-matta establishments for our rural areas take dey operate.

No be lie say even hospital wey dey city get generator, in fact, the bigger the hospital sev the bigger the generator, because Docky need light so that work go fit go well.

But the impact of generator usage plenty sev, e dey cause; air pollution, noise pollution, e fit increase hospital bill sev especially for private establishments because them go buy diesel or fuel, and like say the fumes wey our cars dey emit sev never do, e dey also release fumes wey dey deplet ozone layer thereby aiding global warming. Which means say as them dey save people for hospital na so them they….our mouth no go fit talk the thing because e heavy for mouth.

TalkHealth9ja dey beg our government say, even if them no go fit provide electricity for everybody for we country, make them at least make special provisions of electricity for hospitals and body-matta facilities.


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