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Harmattan Don Show, Make We Prepare So That E No Go Red.

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Harmattan na the season wey dey occur between November and middle of March, for this season dry and dusty wind dey blow from Sahara Desert, through West Africa into the Gulf of Guinea. The season dey cold for most places and e dey hot for some places too.

For inside Naija Harmattan no be shere shere o, especially for core North, things choke for those areas, how guy-man go take survive, na why people dey fall sick wella during this period.

During Harmattan as e dey showcase jandedness, dust dey plenty for air wey we dey breath in, and because this air dey dry and dusty, e dey cause catarrh, nosebleed, dryness of skin, eyes, respiratory system, e dey even cause more wahala for people wey get asthma.

In the morning and evening sev, e get one thing wey Oyibo dey call Fog, when dust cover sun, or.source of light, e no dey make guy-man see front well. So this thing fit cause accidents in any form, so make people dey watch out.

TalkHealth9ja dey advise everybody to protect theirselves wella, because e better make we use our money chop life than make we carry am go treat ourselves for sickness wey we fit avoid.


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