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Antibiotics Awareness Week 2019.

Photo Credit: MDLinx

For around this time for the Whole Wide World, WHO don carve out one week for Antibiotics awareness.
Antibiotics na medicine/drugs wey Docky dey prescribe in other to fight bacteria.infections, but people don dey use am too much, na why some kind bacteria don get odeeshi for these Antibiotics.

So WHO dey use this week to educate people on how to use and when to use these Antibiotics so that the drug go fit do the work wey e suppose do.

This year Antibiotics Awareness Week, for inside Naija, start today 18th November 2019, with the Antibiotics Awareness walk.
The theme for this year Antibiotics Awareness Week na: “Use Antibiotics Responsibly: The Future of Antibiotics Depends on You.”
Join the conversation for twitter with #NAAW Awareness Walk.


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