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Stroke Dey Affect 100,000 Nigerians Yearly-NSO.

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As Naija join the rest of the world to celebrate the 2019 World Stroke Day, the Nigerian Stroke Organisation (NSO) say 100,000 stroke cases dey happen for we country every year. The association talk am on Tuesday inside Ibadan say one out of four persons dey at risk of developing stroke in a lifetime.

The theme for the year na: “Don’t Be the One”.
The Prezido of the association, Prof. Abayomi Ogun, say we fit  prevent stroke if we identify and control the risk factors. Recent research for Naija reveal say the top 10 risk factors for stroke na hypertension, dyslipidemia, regular meat intake, central obesity and diabetes mellitus. Others na higher income level, stress, cardiac diseases, high salt intake and tobacco use; while green vegetable intake and physical activity dey help prevent stroke.

NSO come beg Nigerians, families, communities and the government to join the battle to defeat stroke. Make we dey check our blood pressure, blood sugar, blood fats, weight and abdominal girth regularly.

TalkHealth9ja dey use this opportunity to beg Nigerians to dey do physical exercise, eat healthy and avoid anything wey fit cause stroke.


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