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#PinkOctober: Most Nigerians Dey Visit Cancer Centres When The Cancer Don Reach Advanced Stage — NSIA Boss

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Mr Uche Orji, the Managing Director, Nigeria Sovereign Investment Authority (NSIA) say most Nigerians dey visit cancer centres when the disease don reach to stage four, and by then, water don pass garri.

According to Orji, the Lagos University Teaching Hospital (LUTH) cancer centre na one of the investments of NSIA. Orji say make Nigerians dey do regular check-ups, say na the only way to detect cancer early. Him say at stage four, the cancer don become metastatic, that is to say, the cancer don spread from one part to another inside body. Him come say early detection of cancer go increase the chances of successful treatment for we country.

The NSIA say the agency go continue to work towards quality cancer treatment for Naija. Mr. Orji come say the cancer center na the largest outpatient treatment facility for West Africa. Say, NSIA go make sure say them maintain the facility and LUTH go benefit both money and training of their staffs. The NSIA dey plan to make sure say the number of people wey dey go obodo-oyibo for treatment from Naija, reduce wella.


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