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#PinkOctober: Breast Cancer Awareness Month Don Start With “No Bra Day”.

Photo Credit: http://pinkforoctober.org/

Breast cancer na sickness wey don kill millions of women of this world wey we dey, na why them don set aside the month of October to educate people about breast cancer.

This year breast awareness month don start with the “no bra day”, wey them been dey celebrate on July 9th, before them come move am to October 13th of every year.

My people wetin dey kill person na small-small e dey start, as for breast cancer, na from small lump e dey begin, so therefore, e go better make our women dey check their breast regularly to avoid any kata-kata.

TalkHealth9ja dey use this opportunity to beg our governments for state and Federal level to take am as part of their agenda to make sure say every year, inside the month of October them dey conduct free breast cancer check-up for citizens and educate them on how to do self examination, because early detection go helep prevent death.

We dey also advise our women to open their eyes and ears wella, incase if anywhere wey them dey do free breast cancer check-up dey around you, make use of the opportunity, tell other women too, so that everybody go fit benefit from am.


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