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Most Women For Naija No Fit Afford Body-Matta Facilities.

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Dr Adaeze Oreh, wey be family physician with the Federal Ministry of Health dey beg for awoof body-matta scheme for women and girls for we country.
News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) say, Oreh been talk this thing for the event wey Devex and Pathfinder host for the ongoing 74th United Nations General Assembly. She say the money wey people dey spend for treatment too much, and e dey increase poverty, especially for women and e dey make people run from quality body-matta facilities.

“As e be so body-matta care no make sense for Naija women at all, and e too carry money for head, so most women no fit afford am.

She come talk about maternal mortality rate, child marriage, female genital mutilation and lack of protection from rape and sexual abuse. She say women bokku reach up to 49 per cent of Naija population of over 200 million. “This one mean say if we throway face from the body-matta wey relate to kolomby and reproduction wey concern the women population, better universal health coverage no fit happen.

She say make government try to implement body-matta policies wey go favour women, make them try dey make some treatment for some kind diseases free, so that even the poorest of the poor go fit get access to treatments.


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