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International Day of The Girl Child

Photo Credit: https://guardian.ng

Today, 11th October 2019, na the “International Day of The Girl Child”, the day wey them reserve to celebrate our girls-them all around the world.

Girls today, na mothers tomorrow, although challenges plenty, so on the 11th of october every year, we dey celebrate the International Day of The Girl Child to recognize how hard e be to be girl for our society today.

The United Nations (UN) creat the holiday to celebrate the potential of girls for different cultures around the world, to highlight the threats, discrimination and issues wey them dey face.

This celebration don dey since 2012 and the theme this year na “GirlForce: Unscripted and Unstoppable”. As most girls wey dey suffer one wahala or the other go tell you sharperly say them no choose to be girl, na God create them so, if you look around you go see say girls dey suffer so many things like sexual harassment and so on, suicide sev don plenty.
We suppose find possible means to support their growth and development, because to be girl no easy at all.

TalkHealth9ja dey use this opportunity to greet our girls, our future mothers, say make them no tire for the challenges wey come with being a woman, because our society need good mothers.


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