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If You Dey Lie To Your Pikins, Them Sev Go Lie As Adults-Research.

Photo Credit: https://www.parentune.com

Parents dey use many scopes to make children do normal-normal, one of the scopes na to lie. Everybody fit confirm say their parents or guardians don lie to them wella as them dey grow up.
No be lie say, parents dey use these “lies” to make sure say their children behave well, but new psychology study wey researchers do, don show say those lies wey parents dey tell their pikin go encourage them to lie more when they become adults.

According to the research when these children grow, e no dey easy for them to adjust to overcoming challenges. The wahala wey them dey face includes; disruptiveness, conduct problems, experience of guilt and shame, as well as selfish and manipulative character, the oyibo heavy small, just to show say the wahala too much for guy man.

Parents dey lie to their children to save time, so that them no go do wahala to dey explain things to their children, cuz some matter heavy for mouth. Parents go always tell children say e good to tell truth, but them dey always lie, when children come find out say their parents sev dey lie, trust no go dey again, even them too go start to dey lie.

TalkHealth9ja dey advise parents to reduce the rate wey them dey lie to their children, or whenever them take style lie to them, make them give reasons why things need to be like that.


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