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Future of Health Conference 2019: Naija Need Quality For Healthcare- Dr. Ifeanyi Nsofor

Dr. Ifeanyi Nsofor

Dr. Ifeanyi Nsofor, Director of Policy and Advocacy, Nigeria Health Watch, 2019 Atlantic Fellow For Health Equity, George Washington University, Washington DC, been grant talkhealth9ja small interview about the Future of Health Conference, 2019, wey happen on Thursday 17th, October for Sheraton Hotels, inside Abuja.

Him say, the Future of Health Conference been start for 2015, and na the fifth one them dey do this year. Say the 2015 theme na “Redefining The Health Sector of Our Dream”, 2016 theme na “Health Meets Tech.”, 2017 theme na “Business of Health”, 2018 theme na “The Nigerian Diaspora and Brain Drain”, and 2019 theme na “Time to Focus on Quality in Healthcare”.

Him talk say the reason why then decided to talk about quality in health this year be say, so many things they attached to quality, even if the doctor or nurse sabi work, and the drugs wey dey available no make sense or equipments wey them need no dey, the treatment process no go make sense, na why them bring professionals to come talk about quality for Naija health care, him come talk about some of the impacts of this future of health conference wey them dey do every year.

Him talk say Nigeria Health Watch been start since 2007, say by then, the founders just dey publish articles about the wahala wey dey Health Sector, na 2014 naim them really start operations, him come say, na supports from partners and donors wey dey help finance their activities, him mention donors like Bill and Mlinda Gates foundation and some others too.


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