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Cardiologist Say Chronic Low Blood Pressure Dey Very Dangerous.

Photo Credit: https://www.health.harvard.edu

Dr. Okechukwu Anthony, cardiologist, don say chronic low blood pressure dey dangerous because e no dey too show symptoms.
Anthony tell News Agency of Nigeria (NAN), on Friday inside Abuja say low blood pressure dey cause make level of sense drop and e fit cause wetin oyibo dey call dementia”. Him say low blood pressure no know age, weight, whether you be man or woman.

The cardiologist say if brain blood flow no do, e fit cause dizziness, lightheadedness, dementia, Alzheimer, or even Parkinson diseases. The cardiologist say sudden drop in blood pressure dey happen when people get up from lying or sitting positions, to standing, he come advise pregnant women to take note of that.

Him say many people for Naija dey try to lower their blood pressure, say make them no allow am “fall to dangerous levels wey medical science dey call orthostatic hypotension”. Low blood pressure fit lead to stroke, heart attacks, kidney failure, and shock, e fit kill person if you no treat am quick. Say make we buy monitors to dey help us check our blood pressures from time to time.


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