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Abeg Help, Make my Brother no Die of Asthma inside UCH Ibadan! Doctor Cries Out to Colleagues

UCH Ibadan

Wonders shall never end for this we country. Around 4pm today, a medical doctor been cry out to his colleagues wey dey work for inside the University College Hospital (UCH) Ibadan say make dem help his brother make e no die of asthma.

According by the doctor wey bin work for one ogbonge hospital for North Central Nigeria, UCH Ibadan no get functional Nebuliser to use give im brother wey get serious asthmatic attack drugs wey go fit keep am alive. The message wey the doctor bin send to his colleagues na “My brother is at UCH Ibadan for an acute exacerbation of asthma. No working nebuliser, need help.” As we dey write this tori, his colleagues don dey jinja to help the brother of their former classmate.

This kind tori no sweet belle at all at all. In short, na serious shame suppose dey catch UCH Ibadan and their Ogas if the tori na true. How come this senior level player for hospital things come dey behave like learner? Tufiakwa! Our prayer na make this patient get help and survive this attack. We dey try reach the talk-pesin of UCH but the contact no dey for their website, anybody wey get im number or email make e send am to us via talk@talkhealth9ja.com.

We wan make UCH and other hospitals for this country repent from any bad thing dem dey do wey fit make people die from simple illness wey doctors sabi the cure and treatment.



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