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World Mosquito Day

Photo Credit: https://tucson.com

Today 20th August, 2019 na World Mosquito Day.

Mosquitoes no be anybody friend, but guy man no fit just cack make mosquitoes no visit am. Mosquitoes no know whether you be rich or poor, if you leave your door open, e no go knock, e no go greet sev, e go just enter come face him business.

As some mosquitoes dey wey go sing for our ears, make our hand dance, slap our face, na so some go jejely come bite us, put yama-yama for our body to cause sickness for us. And nobody need to tell you say when body no dey alright, guy man no fit flex as he suppose do.

TalkHealth9ja dey use this opportunity  to yarn una small tori about mosquitoes, as per say everybody don think say na only malaria be the sickness wey mosquitoes dey cause if e bite person, some other sickness na Zicka virus, West-Nile virus, Dengue virus, Chinkungunya virus.

Make we try dey flit “insecticides” for our rooms before we sleep inside am, and make we use treated mosquito nets too, so that mosquitoes no go cause us any sickness.


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