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World Humanitarian Day

Photo Credit: https://www.thenation.com

Today 19th August, 2019 na the world Humanitarian day, the day wey we dey remember people wey don use their life and time to make sure say things better and life easy for everybody.

For person wey dey Naija, you fit say life never too good, but if these people no tanda do fight for us, matter for bad pass as e be so. But las las we go dey alright.

This year na our women wey don leave their comfort zone to go places, make them for do things to make life better, help the poor and needy, help fight for our right to make life better for us naim we dey celebrate.

TalkHealth9ja dey pray for every Naija woman say God go bless them, make their body dey kakaraka to continue the good works wey them they do, because say all of them na Humanitarians.

God bless our mothers, God bless our women.


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