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Naija Flood Matta: Rain Dey Fall, Monkey Dey For Bush, Dey Cry

Photo Credit: https://arewa.ng

Them say water no get enemy, because, even if na water kill you, them go still bath you with water before them bury you. Shebi na rain wey fall ontop rich man house naim fall ontop poor man house too and this rain na blessing to all of us, but the way rain water dey flood everywhere these days wahala go dey o.

Based on some wahala wey flood don cause for area this few days, sand-sand don pour for garri for many people, most people don dey homeless and restless.

Government dey try o, but their best never fit help craze man as most area no get better drainage system talkless of good road network. Flood no get respect for anybody, rich or poor.

TalkHealth9ja dey say; no b small thing, but e start from us, make we keep our caban clean, make we no drop yama-yama for the little drainage wey dey area. But make we no yarn leave major talk dey find hin levels, Federal government need to tackle this matter sharp-sharp make the matter quick die.

Flood no dey joke, this kind swimming pool too big for man to swim.


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