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Karu 10 Years Old Dumpsite dey worry residents


Dem say the thing we go kill pesin, na small small e dey start. Una sabi say na condition make crayfish bend. Contri people, who go see place wey dirty plenty say na there him go live with him family, born pikin, if no be for poverty? But poverty and dirty no get covenant. So everybody suppose dey live for clean environment.

This dirty dumpsite wey dey Karu near St. Mary’s Catholic Church don pass 10 years. The dirty wey full there dey pollute the environment and fit cause plenty diseases like cholera, typhoid, dysentery, etc. The local government and Abuja Environmental Protection Board suppose do some thing to make sure say area pure. Our tori pesin follow one business man yan about this matter, him name na Mr. Chuks. He bin tell us say the smell of dirty dey pursue customers komot for him shop.

We for TalkHealth9ja dey beg the government on behalf of the people wey dey live here, make dem do something good about the matter. Clean environment dey bring kajad body.


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